A moment between Life and Death, Art and Identity…

Mourning jewellery mirrored the lives and times of the people who wore it. It was a souvenir to remember a loved one, a reminder to the living of the inevitability of death. In Victorian times, jewellery could register, on the surface of the living body, the internal sensations of loss, regret and longing.
Since the beginning of time, human beings have gone to great lengths to memorialise their dead. No matter the time and place in which a death occurred, someone undoubtedly did something to preserve the memory of their beloved. My artwork goes on to discuss one such tradition – THE DEATH MASK.
Why I wanted to create my death mask while still alive? - I believe creating a death/life mask is a sublime moment between life and death, art and identity. It is a “living memorial” to a person still alive, an attempt to capture a person at a specific moment. It extends both the matter of identity and temporality beyond pictorialism into literalism and beyond, an exploration of ones own mortality in self-portraits. When I look at my own death/life mask it is me, but also not me, a portrait of myself, capturing a certain chapter in my life but also making me in a way immortal and not constrain to a specific time. AETERNUM is a mourning jewel I made for my loved ones, for when I depart. My death/life mask become something universal for me, it is a print of my own nature and experience partakes in a state of human being.